By Aaron "Three" Coleman

because there are signals, symbols, signs and misgivings

that inspire mind to touch and feel and fill up early on bread or sweet nothings

not knowing that to fill and to empty are one and the same (depending on

the angles) and our faith lies prone inside the gamble

where the sweetened satin of the mind allows dreaming and believing

to become equals, when

a stain becomes:

a flash of spontaneity

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton

loss becomes:

new space for opportunity

and pain:

a challenge (or even better


growth) and

nocturnal thoughts turn

to ironies and whys and circumstance; how casual occurrences

slip together in one second

connecting just right –


El amor es tan corto y el olvido tan largo


i, too, have loved and lost Señor Neruda, but

still i wonder

amongst all your verse

is each an equal


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