Photo Credit to Eric Hampton

My love for Caribou Coffee, Downtown Royal Oak continues to flourish. Today, I ran into a close friend that is not only looking great, but doing even better things, helping people, and most importantly, with his words! Aaron Coleman is a highly-intelligent, charismatic, and warm-hearted individual that I am blessed this holiday season to reunite with. Without hesitation I welcomed Aaron to Team Cool Jamz and informed him of the mainstay his words were going to maintain on both sides of the lamb, going forward.

Aaron spent over two years in Spain, Opening Worlds by Opening Books with Literature for All of Us, where he helped children develop their poetry. Literature for All of Us brings the rewards of reading and writing through book group discussion to teen mothers and other young people in underserved neighborhoods. They build communities of readers, poets, and critical thinkers. They develop family literacy by providing children’s literature and child development resources to teen parents.

“Like” Aaron “Three” Coleman on Faceboook, because I love him in real life.


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