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By Kevin Alan Lamb

Purpose, places people primed to protect that which is worth protecting

Reason reigns rapidly moments before the rains wash the world away

Too often we liken our lives to the luxuries and legacies we enjoy and deploy to establish our ego

It will not be our bloodline but heart that determines the places we go

When a women falls in love, only by looking in your eyes does she know

Perception of perfection insofar as inception of love in our lives is a derivative of a soul’s reflection

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton

Dollars and cents offer no reasons but nonsense

Possessions will posses you, permeating through, until they ultimately alleviate your sense of truth

Consume or be consumed is the illusion that two wrongs make a right

Internalized strength shines in the ability, not to fight

Raise your pen and not your fist

Are you cunning or born without the ability of a linguist?

Save yourself the inconvenience of a life you wished you hadn’t pissed and missed for what appeared to be a moment’s bliss

If given one wish would you enlist good or evil with the wave of your wand?

Darkness and despair, or illumination and peace from out of thin air?

On which side of the line drawn in the sand do you stand?

Architect or Teton?

Blindness, or vision?

Hope, or hopeless?

You should never hope less

Only cowards grow to hope – not, and expect – less

Reveal yourself before the world and dare risk what’s next

Conceal yourself – wither and die, under an ash-filled-fallen sky

Embrace yourself even if you must make yourself look at yourself and believe you are capable of both greatness and deceit

Victory and defeat

A person someone would someday want to be, or not to be.


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