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Photo Credit to Eric Hampton

Leave it to Tommy-T and his full-forced-firing of the three p’s: passion for music, people and performance, to deliver integitous diligence lasting through the night and into the morning. Tom Heinrich is a man on a mission with a potent heart and corresponding vision. He didn’t know it at the time but his life changed forever Christmas morning in the 8th grade. Under the tree Santa gifted Tommy-T with the gift of music and like a parable etched in stoned he intended to use it. He is a man of the people and you can see it in his eyes. Young but wise, his wisdom stems from his ability to be vulnerable and first listen; from across the room you will not see but feel the warmth in his smile, as it does glisten.

In high school Tom produced his own segment titled, “Tuesdays with Tom!” All the school-adolescents crowded around whenever Tom was on. Tom Heinrich has an old soul that sings to the heavens that he accepts the challenge of living life to the fullest.

Later, Tom attended Specs Howard School of Media and Arts, where he earned a certificate in Video Broadcasting. While attending Specs he interned with the school’s promotions department and worked local festivals including the Pride Fest Movement. From there, Tom was given the most fanciful opportunity of working with Radio Disney as a promotions assistant.

Amongst the many gifts of imagination given to Tom as an employee of Disney Radio, the exposure to the world of promotional marketing and work as a Brand Ambassador pulled Tom in a new direction. In his short time as a Brand Ambassador Tom has worked with such major clients as Nintendo, Playstaion and Nascar. Tommy-T is a client’s dream because he believes in a better way of treating all individuals. A select few believe “faking a smile” is a farce used by the discontent in denial: Tom’s happiness lies in the illuminated eyes of the children that he doesn’t entertain but ingrains with a sense of good and hope.

If I was building an army, which I am, I choose for Tom Heinrich to be on my side.