By Kevin Alan Lamb

1. Lisa, could you describe the weight Jim’s professional baseball career provides as leveraged for Jack’s Place for Autism, and awareness of the cause?

2. What hope does Jack’s Place for Autism offer parents who believe they are alone in their struggle with Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

3. Jim, do you feel that a lopsided number of professional athletes undervalue the platform their professional career offers to help those in need?

4. Despite the rapidly growing prevalence of Michiganders with autism (1,000% between 1992 and 2000) or a related form of pervasive developmental disorder, educationin the state has increased by only 28%, what steps can be taken to right this discrepancy?

5. Can you tell me about Jack’s Dollars and the requirements to qualify?

6. Is there evidence that supports the benefit of arts and physical activities for individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

7. Can you tell me more about “Detroit Teams up for Autism,” and how it came to be?

8. Jim, are you familiar with, and or connected to, the MLB2K9, autism fundraiser?

9. Jim, All Star weekend 2011 featured the All Star Whiffle Ball Game, in conjunction with Reggie Sanders and The Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center, did you have a hand in this, and do you plan on working with Reggie Sanders and The Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center in the future?

10. Lisa, can you please tell me about your family’s personal journey with Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

11. Who is one musician, or band that you would like to team-up with in your efforts to promote awareness in Metro Detroit and beyond?

12. What has been the greatest measure of progress for Jack’s Place?

13. What words of encouragement can you offer to families who have been affected by an Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

Jack’s Place for Autism