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By Kevin Alan Lamb

I’ll sleep when I’m dead in the earth, for now I’ll continue to change the world with my words

Voices travel, like flocks of fluttering birds unravel

Moral premises disconnect from their creator, only to disseminate upon those with open ears willing to hear and be lifted by them later

More than ever I am connected with the beat of my heart

Simultaneously, blood is pumped through my veins while my electrons stimulate art

The only measurable success in this life is what you offer to the world and thus leave behind

For centuries men have sought buried treasures that they were never able to find

Because treasure in the form of riches, is like a wound trying to heal without stitches

Despite its best effort to unite, gravity and motion pull it apart like a decrepit frater in the ocean

Only with sacrifice do we discover that all we need lies in the senses of another

Love to be felt, beauty to illuminate the iris, and pheromones to infatuate the soul

A heart cannot be whole until it experiences pain

Love always seems to be the goal, yet these days, I forget all of their names

Smiling beautiful visages will come and they will go, but for true love, there is only one I am willing to know

She will find me on my quest for the cosmos and accompany me if she is to be the one I love the most

Lost love is but a ghost, like a ship lost at sea, revealed to the world, only as it drifts back to the coast

Our lives are both decorated and plagued by the ones we wished to be by our side

Our hearts grow stronger in each moment of anagnorisis: they weren’t the one we were meant to find

Determinism and fate lend to a silly game of predator and bate

But enlightenment, is as simple as the recognition of the possibility in all things, both spectacular and tragic

Each breath we take is further proof of the existence of magic

Be the magician and let your life be your greatest performance

Be the dreamer that entered this world pure, so long as you embody the diligence realizing dreams warrants.