By Kyle Williams

Anti-Thesis (A Warriors Cry)

I am Antithesis, the anti-thesis
Anti anything which is anti-me
Anti-theorist, anti-scheme
I am Antithesis, the anti-feign
Against all odds, I am anti-plea
No prisoners, for their signatures hand tied me

Wrote me off as inadequate, and considered it factual
Academia titled me macadamia, for believing in facts that most
Called intangible, rendered unimaginable, and concluded illogical

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton

Yet and still, I am Antithesis. Labeled nemesis born of nemesis.
The vengeance of anti-dream killers sworn to limitlessness
shall reign supreme! Doctrine vs. Dogma.

Though we are warriors, pit against the stones and thorns, we shall be of good earth. We shall reap folds and fold not. The battle shall be won in the pit of the belly or lost in hell.

For we are ANTITHECITES, in filled with cantankerous dreams.
Insubordinatation written across the pages of our credo.

ANTITHECITES!!! Raise not only thy sword, thy shield, and thy body, but raise thy hope; raise thy belief; and raise thy aspirations!