By Kevin Alan Lamb

“I’m not selling anything, other than myself.” Noah Gundersen

My words are my way

I’m not selling, so don’t expect to pay

My mission is you, time and time again

My heart so often blue, don’t be quick to instill those feelings inside then

Not believing is not the same as fleeing

Living is loving, but I’ll believe when given a reason to see

Worlds to accomplish before looking for love

An intuitive purpose to produce that fits like a glove

Doctrine of men, to value one another again

Lessons of living, learning the difficulties of discovering love worth giving

Eyes worth longing for, believing, you will always want more

I don’t believe those things anymore

But despite our pushing and pulling, coming and going

I do not get by, rather thrive, on the love that will one day keep me alive

Eyes that remind hope, lips that rewind hurt, and trust that covers all my mistakes in dust

I am willing to be vulnerable if you are able to inspire light in my life

I will endure pain to the death if and when your eyes tell me you want to be my wife

For the undeserving I will no longer strife, or stay awake nights

My dreams are in sight tonight, so it is for the best you couldn’t pass the test

It seems that in time, all reveal they cannot be mine, because they are too much  like the rest.



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