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By Kyle Williams

“When everything is on the line… and the line happens to be my spine. Trying to be gracefully unaware of the times and time; not knowing whether it’s for or against me. I simply wish to breathe… at ease… for one week… haven’t done so in years. It’s been a long time coming since Same Cooke’s words first resonated within my weary spirit; “it’s been a long… long time coming but I know a change gon’ come” Constant checks and balances so my character can stand the challenges; in my world we never say never and enough has no definition; therefore it seems that I can never do enough. I don’t fear death; nor public speaking. My biggest fear is being alone and after that, being a clone. Therefore, I continue to squeeze me out of me in hopes that I can BE uniquely the design God meant for them to see while fearing the possibility of… becoming GREAT

Feeling Great

I would hope the GREATs could validate how good it is and how bad it feels… FEELING GREAT
Travel back in time to eavesdrop on men in mirrors; delve into dialogues of doubt and find ways out.
They understand how misunderstanding feels;
Feeling fate: where desires lie seductively on the outskirts of comfort zones. The Bitter-Sweetest temptation.
The Curse of The Gift in the present makes destiny an inevitable effort. Destined to grow… to feel the silence to hear the guidance. To be a stretched ligament in the marathon of life preparing for the longest run. Most run ‘from’, yet I run ‘for’. For greatness. For the sake of my forefathers brain children I bare the burden, never to be forsaken.
Numb myself to the pain, just to feel… greatness

Definition (Thus far…)
It’s like finding your horoscope in a dictionary
Your future had been defined; and thus you are found… to have no thesaurus synonym nor antonym. YOUnique… Just by simply being you dispel myths of if-then statements founded in the sand-shifting psychosis of deserted islands one would call mindless. As if every rotating wonder has shifted into place according to its ‘natural’ alignment with the ‘proper’ placement of your being. What a waste were the prideful times… the 2 year old ‘mines’ of my 2 year old mind. The ill-intent of my illness vented. Bent out of shape by the malleable reality of existence.
The myopic third eye subject to the kaleidoscope of sight.

Crawl, then walk, THEN climb… and in time go as high as the ether can go; as the physical dies in a timely fashion in my timely fashion my time is fashioned to find the has beens and define what they have did, because truth is discovered, not created. Time just IS, grasp it! Advancement makes miracles of the past seem to have never happened, after being filtered through the vestibule of the mind where free willed imaginings try grasping things with decorative folly. Ode to the melancholy, but the Spirit world is complex simplicity, yet it could never be simply put.”

Kyle Williams and I will be collaborating our efforts in The Human Connection.

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