By Kevin Alan Lamb

But I won’t sell my dreams for just one

Root-canals cost like DUIs

16 Advil a day – my tooth hurts like hell – but at least I don’t drink and drive

I need a dollar

Rent is up and despite my hustle I still seem to struggle

But I won’t sell my dreams: rather you put me in a muzzle

Letting go of the games they play – dreams are my only puzzle

I need a dollar

Student loans to pay, better than the games people play

Pain I can endure: pain I understand

Can’t you see him falling? Who are you not to lend a hand?

Anything you think you are, you aren’t if you won’t take a stand

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton

I need a dollar

Like I need a haircut – how is it we manifest this need within ourselves?

I used to think this that or the other had all I need

I need a dollar like I need a dream

I’ve got plenty, but you aren’t ever quite what you seem

I need sleep, but my heart doesn’t feel it

I need love, but my dreams will let me conceal it

I choose to be better

I choose music

I choose my dreams

But a dollar – is never what it seems.