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“My body tells me no.” Young the Giant – “My Body”

By Kevin Alan Lamb

My heart and mind insist I persist

Riches, measured in smiles are at not wishes, rather at my finger tips

With the aid of my brother, love and caffeine

These fingers dance between the keys and make magic on the screen

Magic doesn’t lie solely in the ability to vanish then once again see

It resides at peace in slumber between our head and our knees

Waiting to be discovered as it hovers under the covers between our shoulders while we dream

It beats, it breaks, it inspires, and it fails

There is no measuring the limit of what it entails

Living it and giving it, wishin’ it and missin’ it

Inspiration is not, unless it is shared

What good is my happiness? If for yours, I do not care?

Our hearts beat together under a single sky

The sun shines on even without you and I

Time is ticking

Been getting’ busy living

A day at a time I paint my Mona Lisa

Creativity and phenomena flow inside of you and I see it in ya’

Find your eyes when being stalked by your reflection

Only in them will you find peace and not deception

I believe in you, so believe in me tonight

Stranded on an island, but Eden lies in sight.

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton