‘So I wrote this song to you.” Alexi Murdoch – “Song For You”

By Kevin Alan Lamb

Sing it if you need a trace of me in your life

Forget it exists if in it you find strife

How are we ever certain or concise?

Even as friends we offer love that mends

Worry that wallows

And hope that will dwindle and dart

A choice has us here today

Not a toxin but catalyst submerged in our veins

To feel the world as it is revealed to you in they eye’s of another

Shivers and quivers at the thought of a dreamer that delivers

Our love is only ours if and when we carry it with us

It is poured over the umbrella of our collective passion and returns to the earth in the form of our labor

Whisper the words if you know how they go

Find words of your own even if you won’t let them show

Without our words we have narrowly made speculation

Not decisions, but feelings manifested – perhaps hastily

Suffering will consume you if you choose to own it

Suffering foreshadows triumph if we are able to hone it

Benders aside, we are never alone in this.

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton