By Kevin Alan Lamb

It is not out of obligation or ideology that I thank you

All of you mean very much in my life

This has always been true

I know I don’t have to say it, and that you will always know it

I try to reflect on what you mean to me every day

We give hope to man

Not in a vigilant way

Rather faith through commitment

Despite the lengths we travel

The miles we have sprawled

We have grown closer


Some better than others

Like anyone we can stray at times

But through this journey we become the people we are

Intermittently woven into each other’s souls

Our make up

I seek great things in this life of mine

But it is in you all that I have found what gives me the greatest strength

My most proud possession

Nothing in this life of mine will compare to my debt to you

I am at your disposal without question

I promise to always be on your side

Even through irrational times

You have earned that

We are brothers, we are sisters

An extension of blood- of myself

Our spirit will not be hindered

We shall endure

Through all things

No matter the pressure

No matter the external circumstances

We will always be together

Allowing the measure of a man to lie in the strength of his heart

And with the sum of such passion- the birth of phenomenon

Please continue to believe in me

I will not let you down

I will be your solid

I will be your reminder

The world is good- people, are good

We blessed- will prevail

Inherit those like us

Those who wish to believe

Dare to believe

That united in love- anything is possible.

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton