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Go to sleep my sweet

Your candle continues to burn

Won’t you go to sleep and find me in your dreams?

Where for once, everything is exactly the way it seems

Close your eyes and meet me in the middle

Before long your head will be next to mine on the pillow

Your hair will braze my shoulders like a weeping willow

My arms were meant for many things – but so long as they’re wrapped around you – happiness will ensue.

You are so magnificent and driven

Beautiful in your persistence to utilize what the good lord has given

Books will be written in your name – that is how this distance will be tamed

Your smile is perhaps a tangible cure for the insane

Go to sleep my love

Be at peace like a fluttering white dove

Calm and serene – your visage can be likened to a mid-summer-night’s-dream

Go to sleep – and I’ll never wake

With every stroke of the brush I imagine the life we will make

A day at a time – until I make you mine

But only if it is what you desire

You have instilled in me an everlasting fire

Go to sleep and join me in this dance

I offer you my heart and hand – for the most spectacular of things we must take a chance.