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I attended my second Lions practice today and if the shenanigans that occurred in the locker room are any foreshadow of things to come, I am going to have a very silly and enjoyable career as a sportswriter. I will be attending my first Lions’ game as press this Sunday versus the Panthers, and coincidentally my first NFL game. Shameful right?

“You call yourself a sportswriter?”

Actually, I call myself the dictator of diction, or just a writer. But hey, maybe I was just holding out for the free ticket, free food, and a seat in the press box. With my first assignment comes the official launch of the Jason Hanson Hall of Fame campaign. Yes you deduced the obvious, I am writing about the 20-year-tenured Detroit Lion place kicker, aka “Mr. Consistency,” Jason Hanson.

After interviewing Hanson, who’s awesome by the way, I made my way over to “Megatron,” Calvin Johnson, who is decently awesome himself. As I was making my out of the locker room I hear,

“Sunshine.. hey sunshine, why don’t you throw me an option pass?”

I turn to be greeted by the smiling first year DT out of Auburn, Nick Fairley. For those of you who spent the last 20 years in a bomb shelter with Christopher Walken and Brendan Fraser, Fairley was referring to Remember the Titans. My 6’7 frame and long blond shaggy hair will ensure I forge a memorable relationships with players and coaches for years to come.

All in all, a good day’s work. Check out next month’s edition of Sportz Detroit Magazine for my piece  on Mr. Jason Hanson.