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Have you seen me lately?

Sometimes I think you are slipping away

Moments at a time I feel it in my bones

I try and prepare my worn heart for repair

But I fear a long, slow, road if you bring despair

Nonchalance would be far easier— but to a romantic— unfair

I live and love with all my heart

Rise and fall like the graphs on a chart

No longer do I hide somewhere in-between

For your heart I must risk the burden, lead, and dare not flee

As the man I am and have always wished to be

Without risk there is no reward

So to distance and uncertainty I draw my sword

To defend is noble, but to chase is to face your dreams with a means and intent not to waste

Sometimes I’d like a subtle sign of hope

I know I look too closely, but it is evidence of the beautiful chaos you invoke

Despite my dissonance, please know there isn’t an action or word I’d revoke

I will see this out — until flight or burning smoke

You offer a drug-like-high of which I’ll always take a toke.