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Disconnected, but I know you’re there

It is only natural that doubt wishes to manifest

I feel you less without the sound of your voice

Even from afar your light ensures you’re my choice

Please lift my spirit like a boat pulled from the freezing water by a hoist

The cold water surrounds me now

My limbs grow numb

I see your silhouette in the distance, yet cannot run

Where has the life gone from my once feverent veins?

Why is loving too much perceived as a weakness I must tame?

Time reveals nothing but ourselves

For better or worse

A burden of my gift is the weight I shall carry to and beyond the hearse

Breathe if you are able

In moments of despair I am surrounded but not disabled

Weakness is a temptress that will spread and conquer if not tabled

When I am scared I must identify my fears

When I am weak I mustn’t be defeated but ignited by my tears

The only certainty I need is your heart

Your thoughts, your smile, and your care

That is all I ask of you at this time

An occasional reminder that I am on or near your mind

Your happiness

Your hope

The sound of your voice that inspires lightning inside my soul

I keep you with me because I believe there are certain things we shouldn’t let slip away

Today I pull myself from the freezing-cold-water

I choose to believe but weakness makes certain I will teeter-totter.