Today I completed my online training for an upcoming Nintendo promotion that will run the duration of 2011: life is good. For all of you who are yet to be privy to this information, take notes. The world of promotional marketing is one you ought tune your ear to if: 1. you hate your job 2. you want to chase your dream (musician, writer, artist) and still be able to pay bills and have energy left to produce and 3. you enjoy people and super easy work.

How do I get into promotions you ask?

Craigslist, under marketing/advertising/pr.  Look for Brand Ambassadors, promotional models. Send a resume and a head shot and you’re in the door.

How do I work sweet promotions like U of M football games, Nintendo, and Ride and Drives?

Be a good person, network, and people will refer you. The world of promotions is filled with self starters who refuse to fall into the standard and miserable line off nine to fivers.

How much does it pay?

Ranges from $15-$50 an hour. Seriously. The work is super flexible. You are an independent contractor that works for yourself, when you want, and in what amount.

Are you SUPER interested?

Send me and email,, and if you are local I will forward you the jobs I get (which are plentiful) because I like to help my fellow brethren.