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We are better with the ones we love

Distances are diminished by your kindness that satisfies like a drug

Twenty hours south on highway this and that

Silly and nonsensical adventures with best friends is where  it’s at

Drive through the night fueled by wit and wonder

Smiling faces and lips we’ll soon miss the taste of

Possibility persists in good people, places, and breath of increasingly fast paces

Dreams are only realized by the man who chases

Each minute of each hour we ascend towards a vision that instills within us power

We hustle because it is honest

We bleed because we are human

We evolve because it is required to endure

We belong because we love

We love because we are able

Honesty is only honest if and when your cards are on the table

I will be defined by the souls I touch

I too, am susceptible to blush

I too, have blood to gush

I will never surrender, those I trust.