We have found our way along the way

Grown to and away from one another like an ever-changing tide

A constant push and pull working together for a better way

Some will be written to more similar tunes

But in human variation there is no bad news

Even Instances of evil are derived from our ability to choose

Some days are definitely better

And it’s not always easy to remember that a moment is never a measure of a man

But with each night we sleep, and day we rise, we are the most beautiful creatures when driven by passion and love in our eyes

Taken to another place because with belief comes vision of the life we will make

And with each breath we take, we must allow ourselves error and curb our nature to forsake

It will never be what you do but how you do it that signifies the inherent meaning in your choices

Our dreams are all around us and lie in the hands and faces of people just like you and I

Despite patterns of wretch and pain it will be our ability to believe in ourselves and one another that keeps us warm even amidst cold rain

All we have is each other

I hope people will remember this and treat each other better

Where is the honor in disloyalty?

In what capacity can deception be measured as a necessity?

In what dream did I wake where love was dissipated by conservation?

Who is to blame for measuring a man by his pocketbook rather than his heart?

Each day is brimming with opportunities to ascend from the median

Every moment offers a window to be everything that we were designed to be

In each person lies a dimming light that is begging to be reminded what it is to be bright

Fear of falling short should never be a reason for walking away from a fight.

We are capable of only which we believe we are able

Ability without capability is a product of doubt

Vision without endurance will defeat you from inside-out

Have the gumption to believe in a long shot

But never let belief be transformed into thinking it’s all you’ve got.