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Sinful thoughts yet the best intentions

A heart not cooled by the world’s detentions

Eyes intrigued by the heart’s inception

Possibility and promise persist

Talent and beauty that beckon to enlist

Lips and hips that dazzle when they dance

An intoxicating aroma that insists upon romance

Sleek and slender – perpetuating a night I ought remember

Simple and concise – a smile certain to entice

We believe because we wish to belong

We love without reason the way we have heard it in song

It is not chance but opportunity to enhance

Ourselves in another

In their arms, their eyes, and their smile

In the way that they move, love, and live

We recognize beauty as it reveals itself to our soul

We understand hope as it is reflected through the eyes of a particular girl

With caution we proceed because that is the lesson the road has instilled

From caution we flee because a heart recognizes it is with love that all things are filled

To grow is to try, to live, is to die

To believe is to trust, to live, is to lust

Our memories grow distant of both the heart-felt and weary

Passion is defined by inspiration in even that which we cannot see clearly.