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“When you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose.” Bob Dylan

With nothing to lose and the world to win

Each breath I take is another reason to rejoice within this beautiful mess I’m caught in

Every person, another connection

Every earned dollar, freedom from corporate infection

A life of less suites me best

Less is more; only love fuels our journeys from east to western shores

Every man and woman is capable of at least one great idea

But will you recognize it in time for it to free ya?

Are you brave enough to practice and pursue – the passions which collided when compiling you?

Is belief a ship that has sailed from your daily life?

Do red skies behind deter your pursuit of yet another adventure through the night?

Without risk there is no hope

Without hope there is no chance of a life beyond our dreams and the stars

We must wear our scars if we are to shed their detriment to our soul

We must heal ourselves with belief in ourselves and a selfish commitment to our plight for happiness with each waking breath

Never be like the rest because they can never be like you

Your signature is not signed with ink upon the ground which you walk

Rather your words, ideas, goodness and love gifted to those on this earth with whom you talk

People will always be the storytellers of men come and gone

We will help each other like rhythm, melody, and harmony accompany lyrics in a song

Penetrate even cold and seemingly impermeable hearts

Inspire evolution especially within those from where despair finds its start

Unlike love ill will only requires one to begin

Unlike love those fighting with it can never win

Together we stand and together we fall

Without dreams would there be any reason to breathe at all?