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Bridges built from east to west

At every corner, you passed their tests

When everything seems perfect, it is often such a mess

Days will pass and times will change, but you’ll never be like the rest


Bridges built for man to conquer

Graves dug with families left somber

Memories made while others’ debts are paid

The ace of hearts beats the house, but surely you’ve turned up a spade


Bridges burned by a woman scorned

Trouble brews ahead; consider yourself forewarned

Wicked and wily she plots your demise

How far you’ve come since first greeted by her smiling eyes


Bridges built leading nowhere at all

Why is the recognition of smooth sailing indicative of a fall?

Summer heat and humidity make your blood boil hot

When your journeys lead you off course will you continue or stop?


Bridges built to take you to and away from the people you love

Does your heart rest with your people or with the word welcome on a rug?

Sixty days now you’ve been afoot

Your hair long, greasy and grimy; hands and face covered in soot


Bridges built to honor men both deserving and not

Will you recognize your destination without an x marking the spot?

Better on the move than at rest with your thoughts

What is it you have learned from your journey? Tell me what your road has taught