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My smile is with me when I walk these streets

My smile is with me with every fresh smiling face I meet

Happiness cannot be denied despite each challenge I greet

Happiness flows through my long blonde shaggy hair down to my feet

Life cannot be lived without burden

But I will find my time to shine in the sun that is certain

Life is an opportunity to create, connect, and conceive

Dreams, life, love and peace

If the situation calls for it I will drop to my knees

We all can use a helping hand and never be too proud to ask please

While none of our roads are certain, they are dependent on belief

In ourselves, in each other, in a joker, and in a thief

Today without tomorrow is like lust without love to one day borrow

But love without lust, will be revealed as yet another distant memory left in the dust

We find our way with and through the people we love

We find ourselves often without an inkling of guidance from above

If a single soul loves you in this life you are never alone

When doubt begins to consume you think of the boy or girl from whom you’ve grown

I am only alone if I convince myself to be

Each new day is only a burden if I choose not to be free

Obligation, debt and doubt will blind you if you wish not to see

Take a chance, ask a girl to dance, trade a skeptics doubt for a childlike romance

My smile is with me when I look her in the eyes

My smile is with me despite pouring rain and dark skies

Happiness is one natural resource for which they can never raise the price