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Photo Credit to Eric Hampton

Well I’ve been right, and I’ve been wrong, but it’s never seemed to last through the next song

Life is a compilation of our favorite albums on repeat

Despite the pages we turn, to some songs we always retreat

Sing to me because right now I need it

Bring me to life because I have a soul and I must feed it

Music penetrates our ignorance, genius, misery, and bliss

Music inspires in us strength when it seems we can no longer persist

Words have won hearts and minds since the beginning of time

Words will win smiles and laughs even if I am unable to make her mine

Faith in song gives us a reason to belong

Faith in each other will never turn from right to wrong

Love that lasts five minutes at a time

Love that inspires tingles down my spine

Hope in rhythm, melody, and harmony

Hope in awakening for all that have harmed me

Light in loom of darkness on a cloudless night

Light inspired in her blues eyes with a tune that landed just right

Albums will start and end, but never wither and die

Albums will create and connect, but certainly never tell a lie.

By Kevin Alan Lamb



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