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“When the one whose hand you’re holding is the one who holds your heart”

World’s melt together; destiny seemingly forged from the start

It is in your eyes that I carry my strength, and in your scent that I my find my own.

Despite the lengths your heart travels, where it lies will always be my home.

It is impossible to retrace the heights to which we have grown.

It is you I was born here to search for.

You, I have written all these years for.

With my hand in yours, my heart and mind exist in peace.

Yet every time our lips meet, I weaken in the knees.

I play the guitar but it is always to your tune.

Your blue eyes and smile– I was missing every sunny afternoon.

We walk, we run, we dance, and we play.

We love, we leap, we hope, each and every day.

You are the electricity that fuels my soul from creation to combustion.

A dream I would have given the world to remain lost in.

While today symbolizes a monumental transition in our life; from the moment I first knew breath, I searched for you, my wife.