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I wonder if the world is ready for us

I wonder if I care

I wonder if we’ll get caught in the rain together

And if we’ll breathe each other’s air?

I think about the places we’ll go

I think about your different glances I’ll come to know

I think about being happy, and I think of you

I believe you think about me in this very way

I believe I won’t ever have to beg you to stay

But I believe, I would if I had to

I imagine seeing you in the clouds in the sky

Like a tree in the woods I reach for you until I die

Lying amongst the Earth, gazing upon your beauty, and ultimately your curse

But I am not a tree

I shall not suffer such

Freedom is mine

Freedom to touch

Freedom to see


Won’t you take a ride with me?

The unexplored, yet unwilling to be denied

As if having a destiny

Wouldn’t you want to take a look?

Down the rabbit hole

Around the corner to the edge of the Earth

To where we stand, impossibly removed from this land

An Once blazed-trail, the obliteration of a former reality

Because in this life, I live, yet reality is now mine to give

To you, for you; won’t you disappear with me amongst the masses?

Dissolved into a transforming passage

Experience life for the first time

Breath, of a heart now mine

A soul only sings the desires of the heart and mind

Leave the walls and windows behind

Imagine not imaging what there is to find

Live it

Take the walk

Take the ride

Climb the mountain

Just stay by my side.