She is tough

With attitude to boot

Don’t be too nice

She’s certain to refute

Kind words

Helpful advice

It may be her vice

But a good heart indeed

A good heart she needs

To explore upon the path she travels

Off the usual road as her journey unravels

Through the hills and mountainside

Amongst wild animals and snow white

Pinocchio soon too will come into site

A hand to hold

A hand to trust

A friend to love

This friend, a must

Through the enchanted forest they trek

Bizarrely uncertain at what to expect

Not after this turn, but certainly the next

A green beast by the name of Shrek

Scary on the outside but peaceful and sweet

A complicated character they’re happy to meet

A hop, skip, and jump away

Red Riding Hood is ready to play

Bread crumbs line the path to travel next

A gingerbread house with Hansel, Grettle, and witch who has hexed

Nice children, soon to be cooked

Certainly a good thing, our protagonist and Pinocchio have read this book

Thankful are the children, happy not to be consumed

So happy they ask to join the two on their lovely afternoon

The big bad wolf gives them a chase

Hansel breaks off pieces of the house– certain not to waste

A good cookie is like a good friend

There for you always, with flavor to lend

The Big Bad Wolf is diverted by the sweets

So thankful is the clan, saved by treats