This moment I breathe

This moment I need

Happiness under cover of only a smile

Balance and beauty unattained for quite a while

Trust, perhaps sooner than comfortable

Though it is in good hands

Tall, slender, beautiful and with great wit

Ten digits I am very happy to get

She stares off to a distant sea

Wondering her place in of all of this

I wish for just a kiss

She walks the sandy beach and is thrilled by the ocean green

Perhaps tonight, she will alas paint the perfect scene

A dormant canvass, woke with a brush

A dream tonight of a garden so lush

A sanctuary hidden in most days

Beauty tasted at the tip of every sun ray,

It soothes her skin and tastes her soul

Discovering her place in this, before she does go

Traveling the world and loving that she is free

Perhaps taking a chance meeting me

There are moments here and there that can change our life

There are moments here and there, also just simple black and white

This moment I will hold in my arms

In the future I may hold you from harm

I pick up the brush and paint her garden

So beautiful, so lush

I close my eyes

I stare at the sea

I mouth the words

Thank you for me meeting me.