Look in her eyes

See the challenged beauty of every sunrise

Feel the curve of her vixen thighs

Have no questions and erase the whys

Breathe in her beauty

Such infatuation is new to me

Hold my hand and never let go

A new world of amazing possibility to you I will show

Like a river my love does flow

Not knowing where it will go

But if it brings me to you

This feeling is true

Uncontrollable lust

My lips tasting yours is a must

You must trust

That I will not leave you in the dust

I could never deceive such beauty

Such perfection

Such godly amazing complexion

Smile and blow me away

Knock me into a love coma in which I’ll want to stay

Get lost there each and everyday

There will be nothing I can say

In a simple whisper in your ear

My thousands of emotions you will hear

Your eyes will tear

But not in sadness my dear

But rather in complete ecstasy

Praying for the moment you lie next to me

Your warmth taking over control

I don’t want part of you I want the whole

The head the heart the eyes so deep

The love does seep

So far down in my soul

If gone there would be a hole

Hold on tight

I’ll take you on a love ride tonight.