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Word candy for those who wait

Like good things, gone for those who are too late

Certainly not I

Never got an invitation

Spoken without hesitation

Without doubt, without reservation

Travel the world on a whim

Across the Pacific I would swim

Out of a plane in the sky

Certainly scared but still I’d dive

Through cumulonimbus clouds from so high

Steal a taste of heaven as I go by

I don’t want to ruin it so I close my eyes

Hope the god above will be my eyes

With an exhale of a deep breath

Vision is restored as are the lungs in my chest

The small earth grows quickly

With the rapidly rushing rain I fall swiftly

Droplet and man, one in the same

I clinch my teeth preparing to bear the pain

Into the Earth I crash and speak your name

In few words can I find such release

In fewer lips can I discover eternal peace

If it all happens too fast I may forget to say please

And if I don’t ask, you cannot deny permission

Remind me of the taste that’s bestowed to blind men vision

Wake up from this dream and finally stop wishing

She’s not at the bottom of a bay that you’ll find fishing

Live or be forgotten, risk and see what’s always been missing

Reality is perception- perceive perfection as our lips kissing.