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What can I say– I am ecstatic

Looking for a lover

Is it her or another?


Attracted by so many so close

I feel there will be one that I want most

It may be two or three

I have no idea until I know you want me


I want it so; I want you to be the girl I love to go

Find every night, a million times a day

I’ll reassure you of my sight

With such vision imagine the perfection I’ve be missing

Perfect to me because it’s what you do inside

I feel like such a child, smiling so damn wide


The world thinks I’m on some drug

I guess it may be

But none compare to love

It fuels me and makes me go insane

My heart sometimes is the only thing that controls my brain


I feel such passion

This spring loving you will be in fashion

Do not be scared my sweet

I am confused by many things

But one of them, is not knowing why we did meet


I can’t take my eyes off of you

I want to tickle your toes and kiss your nose

I want you to know how very much I have to give

How much thinking of you makes me love to live!


Love to see, love to taste

Kiss me so gently

I promise not– let it go to waste.