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Hold on little girl

Everything will be alright

Hold on little girl

Even when you have no fight

Hold on little girl

Time will make everything right

Be strong like the girl I know

Be strong and someday away you will go

Leave all of it behind

Even me

Find strength where they are weak

See their weakness when they don’t let you speak

They are afraid of your words

Because in a breath you are twice the person they’ll ever be

The world will see

They will discover what you can be

They will admire

But credit they will receive none

Because all they did in life was make you want to run

They provided no aid

They are not part of what you have made

You have built yourself into an amazing girl

Far more independent than you will ever know

Imagine the places you will go

As you do grow

Fuck them and their crazy ways

Dark clouds can block the sun’s rays

But what I am finding

Is that no amount of evil can stop you from shining

I think about it constantly

How they are unable to see

The girl you are

And the woman you will one day be

Hold on little girl

Hold on with me.