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Tall slim and slender

A smile I promise to remember

Not because I’m nice

Rather just a selfish device

That brings joy to my life

Something to hold onto

Believe in– when times run thin

They always will

For every valley is followed by a hill

Ups and downs

Chaos tries to turn us around

Strip us free from all the good that we’ve found

Like you and me

There’s something there I believe

Understand your skepticism to conceive

And so in return I ask nothing

Not quite yet

Not a bookie asking for a bet

Not trying to be another regret

Just know I’m not like those you’ve come to expect

I have my fortunes, my shortcomings

But for eyes like yours, what distances aren’t worth running?

Travel the globe from East to West

For a single embrace; because the beat of the heart inside your chest

Powerful and free, a life filled of possibility

A soul that knows the passion it seeks

A boy that knows how fortunate he was to meet

Yesterday a stranger

Today a visage that words cannot do justice

Hope for a chance

To ask your hand and dance

Let the music swipe us from this Earth

In a single moment free the wicked and cursed

Lifted from a world where trouble exists

Say a prayer tonight for just a kiss

Never hope for the world

But never forget, it could come with a single girl.