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You are the one I see by my side

Maybe not today

Maybe not tomorrow

But it is your faith, love and heart I seek to borrow

I squeeze you close because my heart is at ease when you’re near

I will be your constant

A friend to lean on, a smile to miss

I will not let you down, but this you already know

I can see it in your eyes when you’re with me

In your smile when you laugh

A world of love that I won’t ask to have back

Do with it as you wish

But remember the things you will miss

The pain of even a few days after being dismissed

The pain is as much of a part of this as the pleasure

You have established a new precedent by which beauty will be measured

From out to in

A star child that shines from toe to chin

I will protect you with whatever breath I have left

Absorb the pain and hardship of theft

The world will drain you if you let it

I said I will be there and don’t you forget it

You may give up on me and not even know

You may think this ends with the places I go

But this is only the beginning

Life is one game we ought to plan on winning

The softness of your skin makes me tremble

God is a good God, for you he did assemble

Placed you on this Earth amongst us regular people

Blessed us with a chance to taste heaven before its gates

Could spend a lifetime happy and willing to chase

Because this is something special

We have something many only know in books

Or by how it looks

How they wish it might feel

This is real

Happiness goes something like this

Two hearts

One love

A fortunate favor from above

A sparkle that fits you like a glove

Be happy, be free

I am thankful for the things you have given me.