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I run through the warm dark night

I run with only my future in sight

I forget to be scared or worried about what’s next

I just move each leg and take each step

I’ve come too far to try and look back

I’ve grown too strong to have regret

I’m on the verge of fulfilling every urge

A finger tip’s reach from a new world

Only a memory away from every yesterday

I will find my way to the place and people I love

I will try and put faith in that which is above

It is hard to believe in that which we cannot see

But here were are, though you cannot see me

I close my eyes and put my head to the ground

My feet hit the earth and don’t make a sound

I leave the pain of regret miles behind

Allow myself vulnerability; turn off my mind

I once again move to the pace of my heart beat

I can feel the warmth of passion inside me

Try and be a child with wild dreams

Each day I seek the woman that knows exactly what these words mean.