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I woke this morning with sleep in my eyes

A cloudy sky- yet still I rise

I see her smile and I can’t help but smile back

It seems I only see her in class

Motivation to come to philosophy, alas!

Today is a good day because I am eager to breathe

So many days passed; it’s hard to believe

So close to the end of my story in this second home

So soon the world– I will roam

I do not wish to endlessly drift

I feel a weight in this world that I’m ready to lift

There are so many things I cannot wait to do

I write these words; thinking of you

Where will your days take you?

How far could it be?

You have a cough; just like me

I feel this place has changed its face

It is more than just a way to fill the space

The rest of my life begins with each moment passed

I woke today, happiness the task

Tomorrow may rain on my ideal intentions

But a little rain is worth nothing more than a poetic mention

Feel the cool drops as they splash on your face

Stick out your tongue

How does it taste?

Run and never be afraid to get wet

Reach your arms to the sky

No time to regret.