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Meet me in the middle

Make a lucky man luckier than you could ever know

The places you make my heart go

But with out you there it just isn’t the same

The smile that comes to my face when I hear your name

I have so much fun with you and our game

I have never been so confused yet content in my life

Any problem you cause me is definitely worth the strife

I let you go for some time

Always knowing I still wanted you to be mine

It is strange how the right person can make you move

They get into your head and own your heart

My brown eyed girl it was you from the start

I could sit for hours watching you sing in the dark

As we drive to get away from this place

Seeing the amazing glow that comes from your face

You brighten the room with out a doubt

When I think about you I want to shout!

This feeling I have is what falling in love is about

The heart won’t let the head say a thing

Because this girl makes your head spin

There is no reason to fight it

She is incredibly worth giving in.