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Why do I smile like such?

Is it alright because I think of you this much?

Sometimes I tell myself it is alright

Sometimes I fall asleep thinking about holding you tight

Sometimes I tell myself not to think this way at all

Sometime I wake up afraid of the fall


To you, away from you, wherever this life leads

Always in my heart, wanting to attend to your needs

In my near future lies great change I foresee

Nothing permanent, nothing is forever; but something I need to do for me

You are strong, you are beautiful, and I know these things without question

I am drawn to your scent, drawn to your touch, and dance to make you smile


You light up the room

Not a moment too soon

Let everyone see what I see


At times you express confusion

Your thoughts alone suggest this may not be but an allusion

But if it is

I promise not ask for a kiss

And will always smile for whatever this is


You mean something extraordinary in my life

Like a rising star on a deep dark night

Cold earth may fill the horizon

Yet it’s still your eyes I wish to be lost in

For a moment, and one after that I wish

To see you smile, to see your joy, and If I’m lucky, just one kiss.