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Another day has gone by
everything that could go wrong, has
the overwhelming physical and emotional demand which you undergo
in the long race of life will turn you slow
escalating to the point where you simply cannot take a moment more
when you’d prefer nothing more than to drop dead and hit the floor
But then you see a rare ray of sun from above
after walking into the room, you see her smile that you love
the one that somehow you seemed to forget
the one for whom missed opportunities have become regret
In an instant, the world’s weight is lifted
and it occurs to you that the sun does shine even on the darkest of days
often in the most mysterious ways

So please may I ask of you one thing?
never shed that smile from your face
the one that represents impenetrable grace

a smile that transcends a man to a far better place
please, do not let your smile slip away
Because if it escapes
on that next dreadful day
when I turn to you
to find a rare ray of light in a pure place
and when I look I do not find

I will become lost in the darkness that can be the absence of your smile
What will you say?
when you see me fall
on that dreadful day
when all I asked for
was a smile on your face.