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I can’t stop worrying- can’t stop wondering

Where can I go without stumbling?

Why has my breath so tightly cemented my chest?

Where is the being, passionate and free?

When did this worrier- wake up and become me?

I can only take life one day at a time

I can only hope to soon make her mine

No longer do I wish to walk these streets alone

I want the one that makes me always at home

In her arms and in her life

There for her every laugh and every tear

My words near her heart

Touching a place that often goes unnoticed

She is beautiful

It would take a fool not to know this

I speak her name in a crowded room

Under my breath- yet she turns so soon

I look her in the eyes and cannot help but to laugh

Once down this smiling road, there is no looking back

Too often I dwell over the days passed

Afraid of everything- I never ask

What can I do to make you smile?

Where can we get away and dance for just a little while?

Slow motion with you in my arms

The world may be sinking

But together we’re safe from its harm