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Rock me to sleep each night

Wake up to round two; is an unreal sight

On top of me you climb

Ready to blow my mind

My heart beats faster

We are a beautiful disaster

Colliding with one another in lust; with your body to master

Learn, cherish, squeeze close

It’s you I want the most

Every second

Ever hour

Instill in me the power

To believe

To become

I want to be your someone

In you I enter

Warm, full of life to surrender

Myself to you

These feelings true

Under a sky blue

On a blanket on a picnic with you

Amongst nature

It’s in my nature

To pain for your pleasure

A man wishing to be measured

By the size of his heart

What you fell for from the start

Without site

Only sound

Rolling around with you on the ground

Arms pinned down

Hands above your head

We have the world as our bed

Our landscape

Our horizon

In ecstasy with you under the sun rising