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As you read this
I am telling you of a life and love story
When it comes to love
or even a crush
we are often too afraid to make the first move
to take the first step
I think we are afraid of reality
you may think this sounds strange
but would you rather know the one you love doesn’t love back?

Or would you rather manifest the life of your ultimate desire?
The imagination is an incredible thing
it can paint a picture in your eyes that eventually you’ll begin to see, and even believe

In this picture
the one who you love
loved you back twice as much
if we never act on things we feel
we may never be able to decipher what is real

And what is just pretend

We see a projection of the beautiful picture through our eyes on the wall
if you never tell someone you love them
then you can never know that they didn’t ever love you back
like a drug addict certain he’s found utopia; so long as he’s on crack

But is that the way you want it?
Would we rather believe in something unreal
simply because reality didn’t necessarily appeal?
I think of a decision that I once made
one that I may or may not remember for the rest of my days
I chose against letting that picture be my reality
I decided to put what we’re all afraid to hurt, on the line
my heart
and yes, the reality of life proved to be shitty

Yet I realize if I hadn’t
till this very moment
I would be looking at a fake picture through my eyes
A picture painted in reality– misled by disguise
Trapped in ignorant bliss
unable to move on because I hadn’t accepted reality as it did exist
Some years later I realize

that if it wasn’t so hard to let go
then it wouldn’t feel so good once I was free


In the end, I am thankful I opened my eyes, able to see
She was never the one, or even anyone, for me.