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This is the title piece of my first book I plan to self-publish later this year.


Dying romantics

A race that seems to be dissipating from this place

Don’t even look at her face

That’s what makes it easier to leave her

You made her think she mattered

Then, in an instant her heart- you shattered

She found out what you’re about

It made her want to shout!

But the door had already shut

Down the street you did strut

You made her feel like a slut!

You made her fall in love

Then so swiftly you gave her a shove

A push back into reality

Or your reality as it seems

Where falling in love

No one dreams

Because love isn’t so fun

Why choose just one?

There are so many

Like buying them by the penny

Cheap to you but what price do they pay?

What do you say?

When you discover you were more than a lover

You were in-fact, her love

She didn’t wake one morning and choose it

Rather, it descended from above

Fell upon her and her life

She wanted to be your wife

But you had other plans

Out of her life you ran!

Or so it seemed

Because when you dreamed

It wasn’t ever of her

You saw every other girl

All the ones who meant nothing in your world

Yet for them you risked everything

To you it had no consequence

Because you have no conscience

You don’t know about love

You feel uncomfortable even with a hug

All you care about is the love-making

It’s what gets you through the day without shaking

Somehow it never occurs to what you’re taking

Stealing someone’s heart

Leaving forever out og sight

Over it you will not strife

Because never in her- did you see a wife

That isn’t something you can understand in life

You have never loved something more than your self

And you probably never will

You can’t magically discover it in a pill

But you probably will never look to fill

The hole in your world that you can’t quite understand

Emptiness filled with simply holding a hand

Being held by someone who sees in you everything you wish to be seen

A dream when she looks in your eyes

Getting lost and abandoning your disguise

Because with love no one has to try

It finds you, not the other way around

Hitting you all at once

Knocking you to the ground

It doesn’t take a hunch

It’s like being taken down by a knockout punch!

But you will probably never know of this

You can’t even truly appreciate a kiss

You want the lips but not the love

You are the new generation

The ones who will laugh at a poem

The ones who will pay anything to make you happy

But never realize that all they want is your love

They need to know that when you close your eyes it’s her that you see

It is her that makes you want to be the best you can be

She brings out something in you that hid in the dark

She unleashed the little child running wild in the park!

They want a night under the stars

Not a cruise in your fancy car

To be in your arms

Desiring a fire created by your flow of sweet words

Letting her know how much you truly care

She wants you to stare and take in her beauty

Not just when loves seems “new to me”

All the time

Because weak things weaken

But love grows

It makes hugs longer

Feelings much stronger

It takes you over and refuses to sit on the side

It won’t hide

It has too much pride

As you should in one another

They’re not just your lover

They should be your best friend

Who will always have a hand to lend

With a single gaze a thousand words they can send

But these days

That is all coming to an end

The dying romantic grows weak

And in his last words this is what he does speak

But do not weep

Because he once loved

And for that

It was all worth while

He will fade in his sleep

But still posses a smile.