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In this moment a voice she remains

Soft, soothing, I hope the ailment to many of life’s pains

An impossible twist of good luck

Lips I picture to touch

I wonder how they will taste.

I wonder if I will make her smile.

It’s been only a few days

Yet I’ve already began to imagine her face

Her hair like autumn

Eyes like sea

A wish upon a shooting star

A wish for me

One wish, one life, one heart to seek

I can already sense it has began to beat

For me, for this, for us, for a kiss

The release of breath from her chest each time

The way rain might fall, imagine if she could be mine

Soothing droplets dancing down her neck

Cool and serene, a visage to infatuate I expect

A chill runs through my spine

A dream come true is on my mind

An often skeptical heart

I try and take a breath but it is too late

My breath has left, gone without a trace

Certainly only a fool would let such beauty go to waste

But I am no fool, perhaps only for you

I look into the bright sky, and see your eyes so blue

Twinkle they might, twinkle they will

An extraordinary heart, looking to fill

Life and words, with love and meaning

Can’t you now see? Why the sun is gleaming?

It shines for you

It shines for the world to see

I hope for the day, it shines on you and me.