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I tremble and I quiver yet seem unable to pinpoint what ails me

I know it is deep

It is real

It makes me feel alone

It tells me that I am not

Yet still I feel

That is scarier than being alone

There is no source

It is in me

It is me

These are moments we must hold onto

This is what it feels to be inadequate

Peaks and valleys I remind myself

We all wish to ride high all the time

But to be on top we must first feel the breath of the darkness that creeps from below

For some life is found in a series of moments

Moments that dictate what follows thereafter

I have been to this place before

I have no fear that I will return

But it will not deter my soul

What is mine

What I hold onto despite it all

I seek a life partner

But this is mine

Courage must be found under fire

These are not the times to disappear

I must be present

I am present

I will be here through this entire life of mine

The beat of my heart will fuel this journey

I will be sure to take notes

To learn a lesson

To stand by my words

In both good times and bad

Be here for yourself when you need it the most

You’ve always been for others

I am no different

Do not try to be different

This is special, but it is common

It is every individual’s freedom and burden

I must feel both

Remind myself of both

Even though the world will be sure to do so

My angst will not be defeat me

My passion will define me

This is my life

And it is these very moments that are the realization that I am the person I’ve always wanted to become.