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But a blink of an eye away she remains

I imagine holding her in my arms while caught in a heavenly rain

In her eyes and heart my love does rest

Without expectation she fuels the engine that lies within my chest

Traces of her soul will always remain interwoven in my making

I strongly believe at conception we may be born, but only in love are we made

In her presence I absolve myself the need to behave

My soul will once more play

In her laughter memories of moments become tangible dreams

Imagine a world where everything is as good as it seems

Or maybe just when blessed with the thoughts of one of nature’s queens

Runaway with me if only for a little while

Certainly you have remembered how it is I make you smile

Even if it’s been a while

Absence is merely a function of time and space

Emotion sets the tune of its own race

One of longing and lust

From stars to dust

Heaven and hell

Atop a mountain, until he fell

Tumbled into and beneath the ocean floor

Trapped in a place he knew not existed before

With your recent scent in his blood

Passionate refusal to be stuck in the mud

With a will, a way

And beauty, the need to tame

A world which beckons we cannot

Because with love, we must

And with hope, we trust

With a wish upon a twinkle in the eye of a shooting star

Let us be reminded the power of belief, and its ability to heal scars

Let us once more rediscover the part of ourselves in one another

The “I” that is you, and the “you” that is me

The gift of a single lifetime and the responsibility to be free

Responsible only to ourselves

To our romantic and wild dreams

To the possibility of a life better than even it seems

We are without limit, without definition

One day at a time, I pray for that which we’ve been missing.