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I have come to a conclusion

That half of what we see is simply an illusion

It creates such confusion

Make a mind focus on other things than boozing

I am always losing my hold on life

Never forget to chill

I am in no need for a wife

So what is the loss I feel occurred?

I want someone’s heart

Obviously not hers

Life is good

And that’s alright

Why in a matter of days have I lost sight

One person shouldn’t shake my world

I said you made it rock

Maybe it was just shell shock

Caught off guard so I fell hard

Re-deal, looking for a better card

Honest eyes replace the lies

No need for any illusion

You are simply diffusing, the sincerity any man will see in your heart

He will toss you away

Recognizing your fault from the start

Spread yourself so very thin

Suddenly lose all within

This is no problem a smile and wave can solve

Every second you dissolve

Wither away

Who will want you to stay?

It is alright, I feel good, I feel Free

It’s my life, why wouldn’t I be?

Climb in my head- it is alright

Maybe I’ll think about you the entire night

I am me, and will try to always see

That the girl I thought you were

Will one day read my words, close her eyes

And thank God- you passed THIS time.