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For these words I think

My mind and hand in sync

The thoughts flow off the tip of my tongue

Falling beneath my feet

Becoming part of the world


And when it rains my thoughts will grow

Back into the sunlight they go

I see them yet only remember a trace of their face

It seems by the time I get to where my words try and take me

I think there will be something there to make me

But how will I jump without my own two feet?

How will I see that the land beneath the northern stars is within my reach?


So why do you tell yourself it cannot be done

Why is it that you refuse to run?

Like the dreams you chased when you were so young

Dreams that now seem like fireflies in the night

Something you’re attracted to but always eluding your sight


I remember a time when I flew with no regard

Not reckless- but pulled towards the stars

Drawn in because you can tell even from so far

That something inside of you came from a place

Where starring of into the distance- wasn’t a waste

We have the same beginning


Each, but a moment away from exploding into the night

The world not yet created- only the endless distance in sight