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I float above the immediate world and it seems miles away

I walk in circles in the sky looking for her but what will I say?-

I have watched her from afar like one watches a star

Only remaining at a distance so she doesn’t come to resist this

Young enough to honestly believe all I have is myself in this life

I can offer no more

If it is will not suffice I must hush my growing attraction

If I do not have her for a distraction I will not be capable of any action

Without my passion I grow weak and even in my sleep I cannot approach thee

Because I know all there is to see- is her dreaming in another world and it is still not of me

But tomorrow from this floating state in the gravity-less sky

I will come down and give it one last try

Because without a chance- without at least one dance- I know another summer will be spent without my old sweet delicious friend- romance.